Susan E.

Susan E.

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Susan E.

Medical Assisting

All-State Career School - Essington Campus

I chose to attend All State in Essington; one, because the location was close to my home. I did hear good reviews over the website about it, so being close to home with my children and the hours that All State gave us worked with my schedule.

My children were very wary about me going back to school because they were like mom you’re old and why are you going back to school? I was like you know it doesn’t matter how old you are, if you want to do something you put your mind to it and you just go and achieve it.

I would want people to know that I am the best mother I can be. I went to school to better my children’s life and myself and to give them the things that they couldn’t have, and I just try to be the best mother and wife that can and do my career, too.

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