Jessica S.

Jessica S.

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Jessica S.

Medical Billing and Coding

All-State Career School - Essington Campus

I am very close with my family, we are very tight-knit in our family and I love learning. I’d go to school the rest of my life if I could.

Before attending All State I was on disability for a few years.

My ankle started getting progressively worse. I went out for surgery and recouping and you know what I don’t want to go back to a j-o-b. I want to have a career so this would be the best time to do it and I put my mind to it, thought about it and I was like the medical billing coding is not going anywhere.

I couldn’t support my family before and going to school and getting the education at All State and from the teachers making me want to stay to going to externship to getting a job, now I feel I am more confident as a whole because I know I can pay bills now, I can then put some money aside each week to be like “hey this summer we are going on vacation” which we haven’t done in a while, so it really, really is nice.

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