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The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates welding positions will increase by 15% in the next 10 years. All-State Career School offers Philadelphia welding classes at the Essington Trades campus as well Pittsburgh welding classes at the All State campus West Mifflin, PA. With welding training in Pennsylvania from All State, you can prepare for an entry-level position in this growing field.

There are many career opportunities for those who have completed their training in welding. Job possibilities for welders include working on bridges, buildings, pressure vessels and heat exchangers – all of which the program at All-State Career School covers in detail. In addition, our curriculum is designed to provide you a foundation in industrial welding techniques, craft skills and welding mathematics.


When it comes to choosing a welding school, we understand you have options. That's why we provide the following career assistance at no extra charge to all of our graduates:

  • Interview techniques and interpersonal relations instruction
  • Job leads, classroom presentations and career fairs
  • Training on how to ask for an interview by telephone
  • Training on how to fill out employment applications

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