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Train to Start a Career as a Medical Assistant with an Education from All-State Career

If you're looking to earn your Medical Assisting Certification in Maryland or Pennsylvania, contact All-State Career today. Our Medical Assisting program is designed to teach you the skills and knowledge you'll need to make a positive impact in the Healthcare field, including:

  • Checking a patient's vital signs
  • Efficiently scheduling, coordinating and monitoring appointments
  • Maintaining and filing medical records
  • Performing billing and collection procedures
  • Preparing and maintaining exam rooms
  • Proper infection-control and sterilization techniques
  • Serving as a liaison between the physician and patient

As life expectancies increase, the need for people skilled in medical assisting is expected to increase. In addition, there is a wide variety of potential places of employment for skilled Medical Assistants. Upon graduation from this program, you'll receive a diploma and have the skills you need to land an entry-level job at a chiropractor's office, physical therapist's office, anesthesiologist's office, outpatient clinic or laboratory.


When it comes to choosing a school, we understand you have options. That's why the dedicated instructors at All-State Career make it their mission to help support you after graduation with employment assistance services, which include:

  • Interview techniques and interpersonal relations instruction
  • Job leads, classroom presentations and career fairs
  • Training on how to ask for an interview by telephone
  • Training on how to fill out employment applications

For more information about All-State Career's Medical Assisting programs in Maryland and Pennsylvania, contact us using the form above.