Medical Assisting

Medical Assisting

Medical Assistant Education in Baltimore, Maryland

The Medical Assisting training program prepares students for a career in healthcare performing clinical and administrative support to physicians.

Earn your medical assistant diploma at All-State Career in Baltimore, Maryland and gain the knowledge and skills you need to work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and more, with hands-on training that prepares you for an entry-level position as a medical assistant. All-State Career’s Medical Assisting education program prepares students to assist doctors and nurses in delivering healthcare to patients. This comprehensive program is designed to educate students on the real-world equipment, standards and methods they will need to work in a variety of healthcare settings.

Every day is different.

As a trained medical assistant, every day is different and the medical Assisting program at All-State Career prepares students for this work environment. Students must learn a range of clinical and administrative skills, including how to check the vital signs of patients, how to prepare exam rooms for patients, how to code and record patient statistics, and how to professionally act as the liaison between patients, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

Beyond respectfully and professionally dealing with patients and fellow staff members, students in the All-State Career Medical Assisting program may also learn how to:

  • Schedule patient appointments
  • Code patient medical information and fill out insurance paperwork
  • Assist in creation and management of patient EHRs (electronic health records)
  • Prepare samples for laboratory testing

An All-State Career Medical Assisting Education

All-State Career’s medical assisting education program teaches you all the skills you will need to begin your career as an entry-level medical assistant.

All-State Career Helps You Get Started

In addition to our balanced curriculum, our All-State career services staff will show you how to prepare a good résumé and write cover letters, present yourself professionally to impress at job fairs and expos, refine your interview skills and research placement leads that fit your education, skills, and career goals.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is All-State Career?

    All-State Career School provides postsecondary career education to both traditional and nontraditional students through a variety of diploma and degree programs that assist adult students in enhancing their career opportunities and improving problem-solving abilities.

    All-State Career School strives to develop within its students the desire for lifelong and continued education. 

  • What are the admission requirements?

    To qualify for admissions, in most cases you must be a high school graduate or its equivalent. All applicants are required to complete a personal information sheet. During a personal interview with our admissions staff, we will review your career goals to help you find the right program to fit your needs.

    Every individual will be given the opportunity to tour the facility, meet with Financial Aid, and enroll in the next available classes. Please contact your local campus Admission advisor for more information on admission requirements.

  • How much does the program cost?

    Tuition varies from program and campus. Speak with an admissions advisor for more details.

  • Is financial aid available?

    You've got obligations and responsibilities already, so financing your education is going to be a real concern. At All State Career, we understand that. That's why we help our students to learn about government and private loans and other financial aid options that are available to those who qualify to help finance the cost of building the foundation for your new career.

    • We work every day with working adults and career changers who have complex financial situations, and get them the information to help them to determine the financing for their education that will work the best for them.
    • We have financial aid offices on every campus so students can continue to find and act on important information they need to continue on their path to success
    • We are flexible and pragmatic in our approach. Our instructors, counselors, professors, and staff understand and will work with you if it becomes difficult to keep up your studies or if you need time off.
  • Does All-State Career help me find a job after graduation?

    At All State Career, our Career Services professionals are committed to successfully supporting our graduates to secure employment in entry-level positions. Through career development, including professionalism, motivation, resume development, dress for success, interview coaching and the maintenance of ethical standards, we empower our graduates with the skills necessary to approach a job interview ready for success.

    All State operates a Career Services Center at each campus to assist graduates with career placement. All State Career provides lifetime graduate employment assistance. As graduation approaches, students get the opportunity to meet with the Director of Career Services during their last semester to discuss career services available for their individual job search. As a graduate, you will want employment that reflects your skills, training, and allows for professional growth and development. Career Services is committed to helping you find the right fit for you.

  • Is All-State Career accredited?

    If you’re looking for accredited colleges or vocational schools, you have come to the right place! While each campus varies in program offerings and specific programmatic accreditations, all are institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

    See each school's campus page or click on the CONSUMER INFO button on the right to view individual campus or programmatic accreditations.

Programs vary by state and campus. Not all programs are offered at all locations. Contact local campus for accreditation information.

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