Our Online Transition: Questions and Answers

Classes for all current students have temporarily moved to remote and online delivery as of March 23, 2020.

"The transition process [to online learning]  has been pretty easy. While I’d rather be in the office being hands-on but since that isn’t an option at the moment, we’re doing online chats and lectures. I’m very pleased with how well everything is going at this time."

Samantha M., 

Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Program
All-State Career School, Essington, PA

What does this mean for me?

During these uncertain times, our goal is to keep all current students and enrollees on track for academic success and on-time graduation. Effective immediately, remote and online education is available for all campuses.*

Is it safe to visit to the campus?

Most campuses remain open and accessible. Student Services and Admissions are active both online and at the campuses, as appropriate. We are practicing social distancing and following all CDC and local guidelines. Additionally, we are maintaining rigorous hygiene protocols for all facilities.

How will students attend class remotely?

Campuses have introduced ZOOM as our platform for remote instruction and all courses have migrated to remote and online delivery. You should already have been contacted by your program director. If not, please reach out to your program director via phone or email.

I’m a student. What about my classes?

As we have been transitioning to remote and online delivery, we have been reaching out to each student regarding specific program details. If you are a student who has not made contact and/or still has questions, please contact your Program Director via cell phone or email. Your campus leadership has been hard at work to prepare students for this transition.

What if I don’t have online access? 

Your campus leadership will work with you to address any connectivity issues. If you do not currently have internet access at home, you can still participate through most digital devices. If you don’t have a desktop or laptop computer, many campuses can lend you one from the learning resource center. Staff is working directly with each student every day to get them the connectivity they need to keep their academic progress on track to graduation.

Will my program start date be impacted? 

For current and future enrollees, we are committed and confidently believe that we can keep academic programs operating on schedule. Admissions Representatives are contacting all current and prospective enrollees. If you have specific questions, please contact your Admissions Representative via phone at 855-834-4580 or via email. 

Will I still be able to graduate as scheduled? 

We know how hard you have worked and we are committed to keeping all enrolled students on their academic track.

I have other questions. Who can I talk to?

Please call 855-834-4580 and we will connect you to the right person to answer your questions.

*Some portions of some programs may not easily transition to online delivery.

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