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Why Welding is an Important Industry

Skilled TradesDecember 18, 2017

The welding industry is not for everyone, as it is a very physically demanding and challenging job. However, it's a job that is essential to a wide variety of products and infrastructures, and one that plays an important role in various aspects of everyday life.

Impact of the Welding Industry

When we think about welding, we often don't realize how this industry impacts the world around us. Welding is an essential component of many industries such as the automotive industry, the construction industry, the aviation industry, and more. Without this form of metal work, so many things, including many buildings, gates, and fences, small kitchen appliances, vehicles - and even space travel - would not exist.

70 percent of all manufactured products are made with the skills of welders! This data in and of itself is solid evidence of welding's importance to our country's economic health, keeping the United States strong both domestically and internationally.

The Future of the Welding Industry
According to American Welding Society President David McQuaid, by the year 2025, the U.S. will be faced with a shortage of more than 400,000 welding professionals. While the issue of a shortage of welders has been known, the estimated extent of the shortage seems to have increased significantly over the past few years.

A study discussed at Emsi found that the connection between welding and economic strength will continue to keep educated welders in demand. This means that, if you're excited about this industry and all the opportunities it offers, now is a fantastic time to start a welding training program and get certified as a welder!




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