Covid Response

Dear Prospective Student,

We know that these are challenging times and we applaud you for taking steps to continue your education. As you plan to go back to school to prepare for a new career, we thought you might have some questions, so we’ve tried to answer the most common questions below. If you have additional questions about our response to the pandemic, your campus or specific program or study, please reach out to your Admissions Advisor or call 855-834-4580.

We look forward to welcoming you to All-State Career!


I’ve been thinking about attending All-State Career, what does this mean for me?

Our goal at All-State Career is to keep all current students and enrollees on track for academic success and on-time graduation. In these unprecedented times, we have been keeping our students, faculty and staff safe through social distancing, improved hygiene protocols and remote and hybrid instruction. Your local campus admissions team member can answer specific questions about your program and courses. 

Is it safe to visit to the campus?

Covid-19 policies are rapidly changing around the country as the economy begins to reopen. Each campus is following local and state guidelines for safety and hygiene.  As the pandemic eases, new students should expect to attend classes on campus as our education delivery continues transitioning from remote to full on-campus delivery. To learn more about your local campus and program of interest, please call 855-834-4580 to connect with the Admissions team at your local campus. 

How can I get started on my career education? 

In response to COVID-19 guidelines, we have transitioned our Admissions Teams to an online process. Admissions activities including virtual campus tours, questions about program specifics and coordination with Financial Aid Advisors are now being conducted virtually. Give us a call at 855-834-4580 to learn more about getting started on your career education.  

Will my program start date or graduation date be impacted?  

For current and future enrollees, it is our goal to keep academic programs operating on schedule for on-time completion. If you have specific questions, please contact your Admissions Advisor via phone at 855-834-4580 or by email.  

If I am a new student, will my classes be online or on-campus? 

All new students should expect to attend all (or most) classes on campus.   At each campus, we are following local guidelines, therefore, depending on your campus location and program, some courses may still be delivered remotely via our Virtual Classroom.  Please note, our campuses are returning to full on-campus delivery via in person instruction in the classrooms and labs.  If your program is a hybrid design then there will be a blend of on-campus and remote deliver following the hybrid model for your program.  Your admissions advisor will be able to explain and answer any questions.

What if my program is a hybrid learning program?

Hybrid learning programs for Nursing and other programs areas are back on their regular campus catalog schedules.   If your program of interest is structured as a hybrid learning program, then the education delivery is a blend of traditional on-campus face-to-face courses, and remote learning with some courses delivered online. 

How do students attend class remotely?   

For courses that are being conducted remotely, we are utilizing our Virtual Classroom technology. If you have questions about our platform, your program, or specific courses, please contact your Admissions Advisor. They will be able to explain the remote learning process and answer questions specific to your program and campus location.