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What You Need to Know About Becoming a HVAC Technician

Skilled TradesFebruary 12, 2020

Career prospects for jobs in the trades are looking better than ever. If you dread the idea of sitting behind a desk, are good with your hands, and like to troubleshoot, then a job in the trades could be a perfect fit!  HVAC technician job opportunities are expected to be good. In fact, the Occupational Outlook Handbook states that the job outlook for HVAC careers is growing at a faster rate than average. If you're considering a career as an HVAC technician, here are some things that you should know:

What does an HVAC technician do?

In a nutshell, HVAC technicians install and maintain heating, cooling, refrigeration, and venting systems. HVAC techs do this work on homes, businesses, industrial buildings, and on new construction projects.  Because every work project is different, you'll use your knowledge and troubleshooting skills to identify issues, plan the repair, and complete the work.

What makes a good HVAC technician?

HVAC technicians come from all backgrounds and walks of life.  There are, however, some traits that are common to most HVAC techs. Many technicians:

  • Are problem solvers
  • Like working with their hands
  • Don't enjoy sitting inside all day
  • Like variety in their day
  • Look forward to new challenges
  • Get along well with others 

Is becoming an HVAC technician a good career choice?

There are several reasons why becoming an HVAC tech is a great career choice:

  1. Almost every building has a heating, cooling, refrigeration or ventilation system. This is good news for the HVAC field, as technicians will always be in demand.
  2. There are fewer trade schools than there are colleges and universities, which has led to a shortage of trained HVAC techs. This, along with retiring baby boomers, means that HVAC technician job opportunities are expected to be good!
  3. HVAC technicians are paid very well! While pay varies by experience level and location, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the 2018 median pay of an HVAC tech at a little over $47,000 per year.
  4. HVAC technicians make customers happy by fixing major issues such as a loss of heat in the winter, or air conditioning in the summer. You'll head home every day knowing that you made a difference!

Is HVAC technician training difficult?

Let's face it. Training for any new career can be tough. That's why we're here! You can make that challenge easier by taking advantage of all that our training program has to offer! You will learn and apply skills in the following areas:

  • Principles of Electricity
  • Duct system design
  • Blueprint reading
  • Math skills
  • Air conditioning, control systems, heat pumps, Heat systems, refrigeration
  • And more!

How do I become an HVAC Technician?

There are generally two paths someone can take to become an HVAC tech:

  • Become an apprentice for an existing HVAC contractor
  • Enroll in a full-time training program 

While some people opt for the apprenticeship route, it can be challenging because you'll be paid at a lower rate while still taking classes several evenings a week. By following this path, it can take around 4 years to become a licensed HVAC Technician. 

The other option is to enroll in a full-time HVACR training program, such as the one offered here at All State Career. Attending a full-time HVAC program has many benefits including a shorter program and valuable job placement services to ensure you have an HVAC position arranged upon graduation from our program.

HVAC: A solid career for a great future!

A job in the trades is a great way to make a good living while doing something you enjoy. HVAC technician job opportunities are expected to be good, and now is a great time to get into the field! Start your new career as an HVAC technician by getting in touch with us on our website or giving us a call at 855-834-4580.