Jobs in Demand in Baltimore, Maryland

GeneralJune 29, 2017

Maryland, the Baltimore area in particular, has a bustling economy that’s filled with professionals working in numerous industries. Those living in or moving to this area will find that there’s plenty of demand for all types of professionals across a wide range of industries. 

Below are just a few of the top jobs that are currently in demand in Baltimore in 2017 and that are expected to remain popular into the near future. 

Top Baltimore, MD Jobs

In determining the city’s top industries, the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board analyzed the following categories for different industries:
Current need
Wage growth
Past employment growth
Projected employment growth
Potential for career ladders
Availability of entry-level jobs

After analyzing the results, the following eight high-growth industries were selected as a priority for workforce development services:

Health Care and Social Assistance
Business Services
Computer, Internet, and Software Related Data Services
Hospitality and Tourism
Port and Port-Related Services
Sustainable Energy and Environmentally-Driven Services

In addition to jobs within these eight industries, registered nurses and computer systems analysts are also in demand in the Baltimore area. Baltimore and the Maryland suburbs are constantly looking for registered nurses, particularly those with bachelor’s degrees, and many companies are constantly looking to advance their technology, resulting in a demand for qualified computer systems analysts.