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Summer Truck Drivers: Tips to Beat the Heat

Driving TrainingDecember 18, 2017

Whether you’ve recently completed truck driving school or are a seasoned truck driver, you’ll want to make sure you take the proper precautions to beat the heat while on the road during the summer months. Follow the truck driving safety tips below and you’ll be much more comfortable, happy and safe.

Stay Hydrated
It’s easy to forget to drink water while on the road, but it’s extremely important in order to stay properly hydrated - particularly during the hottest months of the year. 
Keeping a couple of bottles of water next to you while you’re driving will serve as a constant reminder and make it practical for you to drink water throughout the day. 

Keep Tires Inflated

In the higher temperatures of the summer, the chance of tire blowouts increases. Under-inflated tires can further increase the risk for blowouts, so you’ll want to be sure you check that your tires are properly inflated before you drive.  

Check Your Brakes Regularly
Check your brakes before you start your drive because higher temperatures can result in a loss of friction when the brake parts can’t absorb any more heat. 

Protect Yourself from the Sun
Spending several hours a day driving means you will have a lot of sun exposure. Don’t forget to follow sun safety tips like wearing sunscreen and wearing long sleeves.

Be Aware of Crowded Roads
Roads tend to be a lot more crowded during the summer months with families taking vacations and a lot more people having time off work. Heavy traffic volume presents more dangers for truck drivers, so you’ll want to be extra alert and aware of other vehicles on the road.