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Safety Tips for Long Distance Truck Driving

Driving TrainingDecember 18, 2017

As a truck driver, you are very familiar with the basic road safety rules. However, after you’ve been long distance driving for a while, practicing safe truck driving is often easier said than done. It’s always helpful to have reminders about safety, whether you’re new to truck driving or have been driving for years.  

Below are some of the top safety tips to keep in the front of your mind whenever embarking on a long truck drive. Below these tips, you’ll also find a list of essentials you should always keep with you.

Top Safety Tips for Long Distance Driving

Since trucks have major blind spots, it’s critical not to change lanes too frequently and to be diligent about using your signals. 

Take regular breaks to stretch and get some exercise. Not only is this important for staying safe, it’s critical for your long-term health. 

Always make sure that your truck is properly maintained and has the necessary equipment for the appropriate weather and terrain conditions. 

Give other drivers space to avoid hitting into the vehicle in front of you. Since commercial trucks take a long time to brake, keeping a proper driving distance helps to avoid these types of collisions. 

Sleep is a critical component of trucker safety, so be sure to get the proper amount of sleep and to rest when needed. When you’re feeling extra sleepy during a drive, pull over for a 15 - 20-minute power nap. 

If pulled over to the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance, be sure to utilize flashers, cones, and even road flares to alert other drivers.