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Resume Advice for Vocational School Graduates

Career AdvancementDecember 18, 2017

Are you a vocational school graduate that is wondering how to write a resume that gives you the best chance of landing the job of your dreams? The tips provided below will help you highlight your educational background and the job skills that are in demand by employers. 

What to Include on Your Resume 

1) Experience:

Since vocational training emphasizes the development of current job skills that are necessary for graduates to obtain entry-level work in their chosen field after graduation, don’t be shy about placing the skills you’ve acquired front and center on your resume. This is where your resume may be different from a more standard resume, which often lacks sufficient hands-on experience and job-specific knowledge: 

Include a “Skills” section on your resume. Describe all the practical, hands-on coursework you took. Include details about any projects, internships, practicums or externships you were involved in.

Display knowledge about your industry by using specific industry "buzz" words and phrases. Recruiters will be using industry keywords to screen resumes to find the right candidate. 

Demonstrate desired workplace soft skills. In addition to technical skills, vocational training provides you with many of the soft skills that today’s employers are looking for. You have shown commitment to setting goals and achieving them, time management skills, and the ability to juggle the multiple tasks and commitments of work and life. Be sure to incorporate these into your resume and providing specific examples for each.

If you worked part-time or full-time throughout your vocational training programs, be sure to use this information on your resume to market your strong work ethic.

2) Education:
Here are some general rules that are applicable to this section for all types of resumes: 
The education section of your resume should be concise and relate to the job you are trying to get. 

If you have five or more years of experience related to the job you are seeking, place experience before education.

If you’re a recent graduate and/or have less than five years of related work experience, then place education before experience. The same applies if you are changing careers and recently completed education in this new career. 

Follow these tips and you’ll know how to show your vocational training in your resume in a way that ensures you have greater success in your job search.